Monday, 4 April 2011

Pair of red kites seen over Manuden last week. Flying through being mobbed by jackdaws.


Adam said...

Interesting that you saw red kites....I saw what I thought ws one too over the school at drop-off time. And the Head there mentioned he has them in Langley too. Great that they seem to be moving in....I think they were reintroduced in Oxfordshire some years back and seem to be doing really well. Distinctive forked tail makes they easier to spot

adam said...

female HEN HARRIER seen today (7am in the rain!) taking baby blackbird.

Finally identified this bird after seeing it many time up Mallows Grn Road whilst running in the mornings.

Screaches galore today at it carried off a baby blackbird (with mother giving vocal chase). Harrier was bombarded and forced to land against Bury flint wall opposite The Panels and I was able to get within feet as the Harrier refused to give up the I could finally identify it from it's nicely ringed tail etc. Beautiful bird and a real treat to see it so close up :-). It dropped baby blackbird and I popped it under a bush for mother to find later.

Manuden Bird said...

Pretty sure what you have seen is a sparrowhawk. Typical behaviour and hen harriers bigger and prefer marshland. RSPB website has great pictures of both, understand what you mean about ringed tail.
Great what you see when running, buzzard flew out of a bush and brushed my head with its wing (also on the loop), not sure who was more surprised!